Friday, September 5, 2008

California Dreamin'

Alright - here's a post I planned since last summer! Ha. We all know it's been forever since I've been on so I'm putting it up now regardless and will work on something more current. ... Eventually! :)

"Get your motor running, head out on the highway, we went to California and lots of people came our way". It's been a summer full of great visits with family and friends. And of course, Liam takes the driver's seat in this little family. (What's with his hair?)

Melanie and the kids came to visit. She and I stayed up super late chatting under the stars about a million things. I felt like a kid again. She's a great photographer. Here she captures funny Kyle making a face.
She and I also visited together while I was in California (because she was amazing and drove all about the countryside on our behalf since I was vehicle-less). This picture shows what the four boys thought of our adventure. (This was taken outside of Andria and Kevin's house, where we went and experienced the sonoric joy of seven boys and one girl playing together).

Typical! But I love how each of their heads is flopped in a different nightmarishly-uncomfortable direction.

Our friend Aguide visited from Thailand. We had a wonderful time showing her around Utah. I hope she had fun with us ol' fuddy duddies. These were all taken at Sundance.

Ryker and Raelin came up and visited us in Deweyville while their parents celebrated their anniversary.

We had fun trapsing through the sprinklers. Though there's no picture to go along with it, the totem pole we made was pretty fun. A kid in my arms, on my back, and on my shoulders, and then through the sprinklers.
We also painted garden fairies which came out surprisingly nice (my Mom organized that activity). I'll eventually put some pictures up of those.

The following four pictures are from our (Grammy was driving Liam and I) stop over for some exercise at State Line on our trip back to Utah from California in July. The story is from Sept. 9. Remember that was a while ago. He speaks MUCH better now.

Yesterday, we had all been sick with some kind of stomach flu and all the food in the kitchen either sounded to me like the cause of all our sorrows or a certain contributor to them. What then for dinner? I didn’t know. So I asked Liam. “What should we have for dinner, Liam?” He thought for a second and then thoughtfully responded, “Mee” (Meat).
“We don’t have any meat, baby.”

He thought again, and then with a cheerful smile, “ithe.”

“Ice wouldn’t be a very substantial dinner, sweetheart.” He then ran into the kitchen at top speed, stood in front of the refrigerator and with all the love and passion his little voice could muster he bellowed, “uh-ney!” (Honey)

I guess I was on my own.

Liam and I had a great time visiting with the Andrews in California, and an even better time (because it was longer) hanging out with them in Utah. However, I think we were responsible for the most flops experienced in a single trip on their behalf. We took a half hour drive to go to a pool twice and never got wet, we went to a fair that was so crowded that you could hardly breathe, and we walked about eigtheen times farther that anyone with five hungry kids should consider to get to a rodeo that we didn't know you had to pay to get into. It was ... vacation! Okay their vacation where Elias broke his femur had to have been worse.

Since Wes and William were not able to participate in this picture, please imagine a larger McKay with black hair, and a larger Liam with brown hair (do not omit pacifier).

For some odd reason I didn't have my camera around while we were visiting, so I have to use the few pictures I managed to get. Here's McKay, athletic powerhouse!

Leah, bounding with energy!
Melissa, about to sustain a serious injury.
A plant, hiding behind their kitty.

Elias on the go!

And a great picture of Ryanne, Leah, and Elias from McKay's baptism last year (see what I mean, I really didn't take pictures, I'm digging in the archives!).

We visited Colleen and Dan in their NEW HOUSE! It's awesome and so perfect for them. They're about as cute as (searching for the right description here), apple dumplings? No. Cuter. Kittens eating apple dumplings? Cuter. Wild animals eating the kittens eating the apple dumplings. NO! But really cute.

Liam's thoughts, "Is my aunt really this beautiful?!"

And ... otherwise filling up the summer days.

Learning a new skill at Ryker's b-day party.

Working hard to keep up with the yard work.
Heavy machinery always helps.

And developing personality.

When asked to "make a face" for the camera, this is what Liam does.

Then he looks at himself on the LCD screen, laughs hysterically, and does it again.

What? You think he looks like he just bit into a lemon/ lime?

No ... that's more like this ...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Somer Days (I'll admit it, pun intended)


At the Parade with the Somers' and Grammy. That is, with "Achtui" in Liam language. That's what he called her then (way back in June). But two months have gone by and with the passing of time has come sophistication in his language skills. Now, she is "Ach-too-ey."
Grammy and Liam have become fast friends these last few months as Mom did one of those amazing things only amazing mom's do. She came out and took care of Liam for eight weeks while William worked and I finished up my course work with a grueling semester. I'd call it a sacrifice, but look at the two of them. It might better be termed "opportunity." What a spectacular gram-mom. Yeah. I really just said (typed) "gram-mom."


The Highlight of my birthday was the ping pong table William gave me. That was a sacrifice. To give me something that will be the cause of much lost pride on his part. How sweet. I'm kidding of course. We're pretty much an even match. We've played about thirty games so far. William's up by one. But have no fear, loyal fans, I will triumph!


Icecream from the icecream truck. What a treat.

A trip to the park with those-in-the-Somers-family-still-bearing-the-Somers-name was great. We played lots of frisbee and softball.

And Now ... the moment you've all been waiting for ...

Observe the Somers men in their athletic poses:

First, there's Papa Somers

And then there's Daddy Somers (Daddy one - William)

Daddy Two - Brice

Look closely, you'll see that Brice would do anything to make the catch - even if it involves separation from needed footwear.

And Even Little Baby Somers

What an arm!

"He swings and he misses the small ball but look ladies and gentlemen, he has knocked the blue intruder out of the park! "

Of course the women played too, but I'm afraid their athletic feats ("feet" in Brice's case!) will not go down in recorded history. Therefore, non-related pictures featuring the Somers women in highly athletic activities will now be included as a means of compensation. Note if you will their athleticism and grace, matched only by the muscular accomplishments of their husbands.

To the untrained eye this may look like a gardening lesson. Actually, it's the beginning of a marathon chase of the ever evasive harry mole!

Tending the children in typical womanly fashion, you say? No, no. I have caught the harry mole! Not even one bead of sweat mind you.

As for cousins Somers one and two, we'll supplement with photos taken later at Ryker's 3rd birthday party.

Later, Mimi sent us on a special errand to get lots of fun fireworks. So, here's Liam, learning to distrust adults as they place a burning stick in his hands, smiling and laughing all the while.
We suffered one casualty that night. Mimi burnt her toe quite badly. For those interested, I have pictures. For those definitely not interested, your welcome that I spared you the picture here.

Well I've still got a month and a half to blog on, so I'd best be getting my bloggy sleep.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Because They're Cousins

There's nothing quite like an action song about a deadly disease
to brighten up a trip to the park.

We all fall down!How morbid!

It's been great living so close to the other Somers'.

Raelin and Ryker are amazing.

First, let's talk about Ryker

Ryker has the cutest voice, gives great hugs and welcoming HELLO ANGELs!, and he's almost always happy.

Ryker and Liam get along well
because they're both kooky.

Of course, the fact that they have
the same interests sometimes poses
sharing problems, but you can't tell
that here can you?

Now, let's talk about Raelin.
With a vocabulary which rivals most adults, this smart, beautiful little girl
is a charmer!

Raelin rivals Ryker and Liam in craziness,

but always looks out for her little cousin's safety.

Alright! Who's raising these tree huggers?

Look! Now they're forcing their wacko politics on innocent babies!

What kind of odd tree-ritual is this?

Who's responsible?

"Auntie Mo" of course, she's as far left as they come.See how they snicker over their subtly coercive techniques?